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Efficient Oil Change Maintenance--Auburn Foreign & Domestic

Protect Your Engine–Scheduled Maintenance Service

The most important vehicle maintenance is the oil change. This is how drivers protect their vehicle’s engine and extend its road-life. Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, WA never wants to hear an engine’s metal components colliding. Our consistent oil maintenance schedules will make sure your engine is always properly lubricated, which prevents overworking and overheating. Owners are able to retain the re-sale value of their vehicle by protecting and preserving the engine. Any vehicle with a strong engine performance years later has maintained effective oil change intervals. Our preventive maintenance services are here to help you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns. No maintenance service is more important than the oil change. Quality oil change service is like taking care of your vehicle’s “heart.” Our team uses the best quality and the correct grades of motor oil.

Cleaner Engines–Oil Filter Changes

We use the best quality motor oil brands for oil change service. When you come to our facility for a routine oil change service, you can be confident that we’re enhancing your vehicle’s overall performance. You’ll notice immediate benefits like improved gas mileage so you save money at the gas station. We’ll consider your vehicle’s age, purpose, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many vehicle owners underestimate the importance of maintaining a proper oil change interval. Just because your vehicle seems to be driving fine does not mean you are not driving it into an early retirement. Simple wear-and-tear on the engine is made much worse without proper lubrication. It’s also important to remove all dirt and contamination that the engine may have collected over the miles. Dirty motor oil running through the engine can also be the cause of an early breakdown.

Schedule Your Oil Change Service Today!

Is it that time again? Any pause after that question usually means it’s time for another one. Time flies when you’re having fun on the highways. If you’re guessing about the proper time to come for an oil change service, then it’s time to consult a professional. Auburn Foreign & Domestic wants to keep your vehicle in optimal condition, and we want you to get the biggest return on your investment in transportation. That means its engine is running with the proper motor oil viscosity. Oil changes may seem like an interruption to your busy day but we keep oil change services quick & convenient. Give us a call at (253) 833-8161 before your dashboard starts “telling you” it’s time for an oil change. Failing to get oil change maintenance will result in a broken down engine. With a dedicated service expert, you can extend your vehicle’s road-life. Save time by using our online scheduling system right now!