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If Perfection Started to Hum?–Your BMW Engine

When you’re behind the wheel of your BMW, you can’t help but feel like a winner! If not, that’s still pretty much what everyone else is thinking, that you’re . . . winning! Aren’t most BMW owners are doing life right? Why do we say most? Because some are leaving their precious BMW in the hands of unqualified technicians and repair shops. It’s up to you to decide who you want to service your BMW. But since you’ve made such a wise investment in quality road travel, why not protect it?

The team of BMW service experts at Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, WA provide a higher standard of BMW repairs and maintenance. Your vehicle deserves better the general repair shop. And you deserve better than the impersonal and expensive dealerships. Our BMW specialists know your vehicle inside and out and we’ll enhance your BMW’s overall performance while extending its road-life. Your BMW–the Ultimate Driving Machine–is known throughout the automotive industry for its high-powered engine.

Keeping You in the Fast Lane!–3 Years / 36,000 Mile Warranty!

Our goal at Auburn Foreign & Domestic is to keep you in front of any BMW’s repair needs or system malfunctions. Vehicle neglect and trusting your BMW service to the wrong shop are neck-and-neck for the top reasons that a BMW doesn’t reach peak performance. We have a team of ASE Certified technicians that handle both common problems. Start here, for a specially-designed service plan that suited for your vehicle and your driving habits. The most important maintenance service–the oil change–will follow a consistent schedule that matches your driving habits and enhances the BMW’s overall performance.

We handle everything from routine maintenance to complex engine repairs. Preventative maintenance services are designed to make sure you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns. Our technicians keep your BMW on the road with timely tune-ups, filter changes, fluid services, tire services, and more. BMW repair specialist keep a close eye on all of your BMW’s systems so that we can identify any potential problems and handle them before they compromise road travel. Pay attention to your BMW’s performance issues and bring the to our experts as soon as possible. Engine knocking? Rough gear shifting? Transmission slipping? Brakes squealing? We provide any and all diagnostics and necessary repairs for BMWs.

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You know what next-level road travel is like. After all, you’re a BMW owner. Hopefully, what you don’t know about is what it’s like to be stranded on the side of the road. That’s NOT a place that BMW owners often find themselves. However, owners that don’t get quality BMW repairs, diagnostics, inspections, and services leave their BMW susceptible to unexpected repairs and breakdowns. We stay abreast of all the latest BMW technologies and service techniques to make sure your vehicle receives the best repairs and maintenance possible. Give us a call today at (253) 833-8161 to schedule your next BMW repair appointment. You can save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area–725 Auburn Way–feel free to stop by with any questions or concerns.

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