Five Troubling Suspension Problems in Your Volkswagen

Have you noticed suspension problems with your Volkswagen? In the past couple of years, Volkswagen has recalled thousands due to suspension issues, so it’s critical to know the warning signs for your car’s health and safety. Our ASE-certified team at Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, specializes in Volkswagen repair services. Below, discover five

Six Common Problems with Honda Vehicles

Honda cars are one of the most popular cars in the United States, and Honda has been in the top ten categories for reliability. However, there are a few common Honda issues. It’s important to recognize early warning signs to ensure your car is running at its optimal mechanical health. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic

Does Your Acura Have Transmission Issues?

Acura vehicles are generally known for their reliability, but it’s not rare to be an Acura owner who has transmission problems. You might only notice transmission problems upon startup or in cold weather. Some transmission issues are minor, but other problems may require a transmission replacement. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, our

Watch Out for These Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump!

If you have a Subaru that was made within the last five years or so, it’s possible that you’ll run into some fuel pump problems. Unfortunately, when a vehicle has a bad fuel pump, little to no fuel can enter the vehicle causing poor engine performance. A bad fuel pump can make your car stall

What’s the Lifespan of a Car Battery?

If you wonder about how long your car battery will last, you’re not alone. If you search online, you’ll get many results without clear answers. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic, located in Auburn, Washington, our expert team of mechanics gets asked about the lifespan of batteries, and we’re glad to explain. Below, discover how long