Poor Oil Health Affects Your Vehicle in Several Different Ways

Oil Health and the Signs of When It’s Failing Foreign vehicles are often synonymous with performance vehicles. If you’re choosing a foreign make, it’s probably because you’ve researched what sets it apart from other companies, and you want that extra boost of performance. Well, extra comes with extra wear and tear, and that means you

Transmission on Trial – Auburn Foreign & Domestic

Transmission trouble can make you feel as if a major component of your vehicle is on trial for its life. After all, transmission performance is a life or death sentence for your travel plans. The transmission’s duties are to transfer power from the engine to your wheels and shift gears to control speed. If it

The Happy, Healthy Honda – Auburn Foreign & Domestic

The Honda is a great line of vehicles! It meets the needs and comforts of many drivers, so they’re happy with their purchases. Further, the average life expectancy of a Honda is at least eight years, perhaps more depending upon your driving habits and distances. Thus, we know that this manufacturer’s cars are fairly healthy

Bye-Bye, Engine Sludge: Preventing and Removing Engine Sludge

Some drivers love to go off-roading, intentionally driving their vehicles through the nastiest spots they can find. In fact, mud bogging is even a competitive sport with leagues sanctioned by governing bodies. If that’s your game, be safe and have fun! When it comes to your vehicle’s power plant, however, nobody wants to witness the