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Accurate Engine Diagnostic Service

How long have you been driving around with that check engine light on? There’s really no good answer to that question. While the check engine light alert is no time to panic, it certainly should not be ignored. Many owners assume that their vehicle is fine just because it’s still running, but this can be a very costly mistake. When your dashboard’s check engine light pops on, that means it’s time for a professional diagnosis. Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, WA uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. The check engine light alert could be triggered by any number of issues. Drivers should never assume they know why their check engine light came on? Self-diagnosis can turn into self-sabotage when you delay any check engine light service. The actual problem can be anything–from a loose gas gap to a major transmission repair. Come to us first to avoid wasting time on a misdiagnosis and unnecessary repair.

Go-To Check Engine Light Service–All Makes & Models

We’ll find out what’s triggering your check engine light in no time. The most important part of your check engine light service is: the time between noticing the light and bringing it to our facility. Auburn Foreign & Domestic wants to get a look under the hood as soon as possible. The initial alert will be a solid red light. This light is hard to ignore, so why try? As annoying as the check engine light is, we can make it disappear and restore confident driving to your vehicle. Our ASE Certified techs are highly skilled and experienced at working on all makes and models–foreign and domestic. We have an exceptional team that is your preferred alternative to the expensive dealerships. We perform services that are equal to, if not better than, the dealer’s services including standard maintenance like oil changes to more complex transmission repairs. And we also use the most advanced tools, equipment, and service techniques for your check engine light repairs.

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Don’t let time get away from you. Waiting too long to bring Auburn Foreign & Domestic your check engine light service could be doing irreparable damage to your engine. Let’s take care of that annoying light today! You don’t have to worry about the worst-case scenarios or have another passenger point out your check engine light. Of course, you saw it. You just haven’t scheduled an appointment with us yet. What’s wrong with right now? No time like the present when it comes to your auto services. The check engine light service is especially important because a big question mark is always hanging over your check engine light. Give us a call today at (253) 833-8161 to schedule your check engine light diagnosis and repair. Save yourself some time by using our online scheduling system right now.