Kids and Auto Repair: They Do Mix!

Moms and Dads around the Auburn, WA area have all had one of those days when their kid or kids is not feeling being out and about, and to make matters worse, they have stuff to do and appointments to keep! The key to avoiding those situations is to be well prepared. I will go over a few kid hacks to use while waiting at the auto repair shop. First and foremost, try and find a kid friendly auto repair shop like Auburn Foreign & Domestic. They have kid friendly play area that is well suited for both boys and girls to have fun and stay occupied while waiting. Second, if at all possible try and schedule appointments for the “good” times of the day when your child is not hungry or sleepy. This is generally mid morning and mid afternoon for my kids, but they are all different in their own special ways aren’t they? Third, you know your kids better than anyone, having a “go” bag is fun way to get your child involved in picking out travel friendly activities. Have your kid pack a backpack the night before with things like paper, crayons, card games, and depending on your child a portable electronic device for games or movies. Once they are finished either have them place it by the door or in your vehicle to make sure it isn’t forgotten. Additionally, you can pack snacks or treats to help tide them over if an appointment lasts longer than expected.

Don’t Forget Your Options

Just because you need to get your car serviced doesn’t mean you have to wait at the shop. Most shops offer free local shuttle service and sometimes you can even get a free loaner car. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic we make scheduling easy just let us know you would like a loaner vehicle or local shuttle service while your car is being worked on and we will do our best to accommodate you. Making appointments in advance can help ensure loaner car availability as well. Let running around town become an adventure for you and your little ones. If you have any other suggestions we might have missed, please feel free to comment below!

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic

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