How to Maintain Your Car in Auburn, WA

Living in the Washington area provides residents an opportunity to experience a multitude of different events and activities. Maybe you want to travel to Seattle and check out a Seattle Seahawks game. Maybe hiking is your thing and you want to make a trip to the Olympic National Park. Or maybe you’re looking for a comfortable home life and have begun exploring the beautiful suburbs of Auburn (yeah, we’re definitely biased).

Regardless of what you want to do, it’s best to prepare your car for the challenges you might face when you are in Washington. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when looking for your next car in the Washington area:

  • Change your oil at a more frequent rate
  • The Washington area provides ample opportunities to explore the outdoors. Its hilly terrain can provide some beautiful views at any time of the day. Though beautiful, your car does come at the expense of these rolling hills. Continuously going up and down hills places extra stress on your engine and waiting till your car hits 7,000 or 10,000 miles could be too late. Pending your activity level, it may be best to get your car inspected as early as 3,000 miles to avoid any engine damage. It would also be wise to consider a 5w30 synthetic oil as it is much gentler to your car’s engine and can withstand both the various temperatures you experience in Washington.

  • Consider four-wheel drive
  • Though not completely necessary, four-wheel drive should definitely be considered when living in this area. This state offers many challenges for drivers due to the naturally wet nature of the state as well as the uneven terrain. Being able to have that extra traction while traveling could be the difference between a safe trip and an accident. Oh, and as a bonus, cars with four-wheel drive tend to have a higher resale value in this area due to its higher demand! So you may be able to get a little more out of your car compared to someone with the same car that only has two-wheel drive!

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic

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