Why Subarus Are Well Trusted

The Story Behind Americas Most TrustedBrand

Consumers generally recognize Subaru as one of the most dependable names in the auto industry. But why is this? What makes Subaru vehicles so desirable and Subaru repair rates so low? Here are a few of the top reasons Subarus have earned their well-deserved, highly trusted reputation.

EyeSight Technology

Although EyeSight Technology is relatively new and Subaru was a reliable brand before its introduction, it only furthers the brand’s safety reach. Subaru’s EyeSight system uses a two-camera setup to monitor traffic movement and send a warning if you wander outside your own lane. Not all Subaru vehicles have this feature, but some do.

Standard All-Wheel Drive

It’s unusual to find a vehicle make that offers all-wheel drive across the board, but Subaru does. This feature can significantly benefit drivers and increase their level of safety—especially in bad weather. There is just one exception to Subaru’s comprehensive all-wheel-drive policy: the BRZ coupe does not have it.

Trust Kelly Blue Book Rating

Kelly Blue Book has extended the “Most Trusted Brand” award to Subaru every year since 2015. That’s a huge accomplishment and testifies to the reliability of the brand. Kelly Blue Book considers a variety of factors when establishing its list of most trusted brands, and any vehicle or brand that wins the award deserves the honor.

High Owner Satisfaction Levels

It’s great to be the recipient of an industry-specific award, but what do vehicle owners think of the Subaru lineup? According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Subaru is consistently ranked first when it comes to owner satisfaction. Auburn car owners continue to show loyalty and preference for Subaru.


When you buy a vehicle, you want to have some degree of confidence that it won’t break down within the next few years. Subaru can deliver this type of confidence. The dependable brand is known for outlasting many other brands. In fact, 97% of Subaru vehicles sold within the last ten years are still going strong today. These vehicles are built to last.

Schedule Your Subaru Repair

Of course, no Subaru can deliver ultimate reliability if it isn’t cared for properly. If you need Subaru repair, Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn can help. Call us today or schedule your appointment online, and we’ll get you back on the road.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic