What’s the Lifespan of a Car Battery?

If you wonder about how long your car battery will last, you’re not alone. If you search online, you’ll get many results without clear answers. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic, located in Auburn, Washington, our expert team of mechanics gets asked about the lifespan of batteries, and we’re glad to explain. Below, discover how long a car battery lasts and how to maximize your vehicle’s battery life.

Your battery life span depends on you

On average, your car’s battery should last between two to six years. However, your environment and driving habits also shorten your battery’s life expectancy. Living in an area with freezing or hot summer temperatures can make a fully charged battery perform significantly weaker. Additionally, your battery works at 100% when you start your vehicle. Frequent short trips shorten your car’s battery life as well. If you want to avoid your battery dying, drive mid-range and long trips (for at least 10 minutes). Make sure to visit a local auto repair shop to regularly check your battery if you live in an area with extreme weather or if you make frequent short trips.

Maximize your car battery life

You can ensure your vehicle’s battery is in great shape with a few easy tips. Park your car in a garage to keep it out of extreme weather. During the winter, it’s smart to drive your car every day for at least 10 to 20 minutes so you can warm up your engine. To ensure your battery doesn’t freeze, you should also buy a thermal battery blanket. Furthermore, don’t ignore your battery light when it’s on if you want to avoid getting stranded from your car’s battery dying. It’s best to take your car to a local auto repair shop to check your car battery and get any other necessary auto repair services.

Check your car battery

It’s best to get preventative maintenance at a local auto repair shop to avoid a dying battery. If your car’s battery dies, jumpstarting your vehicle will make your car fire back up. But sometimes, a jumpstart isn’t enough. Always be safe and go to an auto repair shop for routine maintenance, so your car’s battery is in tip-top shape. Get your battery tested and charged with the most updated equipment from our team of certified technicians at Auburn Foreign & Domestic, located in Auburn, Washington. Our auto repair shop has won Angie’s List Super Service Award for four years in a row, and our ASE-certified technicians will ensure your car’s battery is in excellent condition.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic