What sets Subaru apart from the competition?

Subaru: the quiet, consistent performer in the AWD world!

Subaru has become a more popular brand over the past decade, and there’s no question why. In fact, there are innumerable reasons that set this car manufacturer apart from the rest, from their unique engine to the almost guaranteed resale value. Owning a Subaru is an experience in itself, and the vehicle stands up to the reputation of solid reliability.

Heart of a Racer: Did you know that Subaru has a solid reputation in the world of rally racing? Since 1973, Subaru has claimed 47 World Rally Championships! The Subaru Rally Racing Team was the 2016 Rally America Champion and had ten titles total. This translates to a vehicle that can handle the elements on and off the road while still maintaining a safe ride.

Starry Night: The Subaru logo was inspired by the constellation Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters. Seven companies came together to form FujiHeavy Industries, of which Subaru is one. The word “Subaru” means united in Japanese.

Linked with Toyota: FujiHeavy Industries is partially-owned by Toyota Motor Corporation.

One Bad Apple: The Subaru WRX was once the most ticketed car in America. In 2014, an Insurance.com study found that 33.6% of Subaru WRX models reported they had received tickets for moving violations. This number has since gone down, but it is still at number 12 on the list, with 30% of WRX drivers saying they have been ticketed.

Nearly 60 Years: The first Subaru was made in 1954. Called the Subaru 1500, it had a 1.5 liter, four-cylinder engine.

Boxer Engine: The unique flat layout in the boxer engine allows direct transfer of power from the engine, which reduces inefficiencies and ensures there is little to no loss of power. Your boxer engine is more fuel-efficient. This innovative engine creates a lower center of gravity, which makes the vehicle more easily maneuverable and overall reduces the vibration in your ride.

Kelly Blue Book Favorite: In 2016 alone, Subaru was named Best Over Brand, Most Trusted Brand and Best Resale Value by Kelly Blue Book. Not bad for a rally car!

ALG Accolades: Just a year later, in 2017, ALG named Subaru the Top Mainstream Brand for Residual Value.

Unique AWD: Subaru’s symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system allows for better traction, balance, and control. It is the only make to produce symmetrical AWD.

Long-Term: Of the Subarus sold in the past ten years, 96% are still on the road. You can keep your Subaru as long as you want. There will be another owner waiting when you’re ready to upgrade!

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic