Watch Out for These Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump!

If you have a Subaru that was made within the last five years or so, it’s possible that you’ll run into some fuel pump problems. Unfortunately, when a vehicle has a bad fuel pump, little to no fuel can enter the vehicle causing poor engine performance. A bad fuel pump can make your car stall or prevent the vehicle from starting at all. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic, located in Auburn, Washington, our certified auto mechanics offer Subaru repair services to make your Subaru ready for the road. Learn the symptoms of a bad fuel pump from our team’s advice.

Do you hear a whining noise?

If you hear a whining sound, it’s a common symptom that your Subaru’s fuel pump is going bad. It often sounds like a low-frequency buzzing sound. You may hear it before noticing any performance-based issues. If you hear it, it’s best to go to a local auto repair shop specializing in Subaru repair services.

Your engine is difficult or won’t start at all

A clogged fuel pump can make your Subaru difficult to start. You might get a fuel-related trouble code on your dash. However, if your engine is difficult to start, it could be a bad coil pack or bad spark plugs. If your engine won’t start, your fuel pump has completely failed. To figure out the source of your engine problems, an experienced auto mechanic that offers Subaru repair will be able to properly diagnose and fix it.

Your car sputters when you accelerate

Does your car sputter? When fuel pumps go bad, they can’t provide enough fuel pressure to keep your engine running optimally at high speeds or if your vehicle is carrying a heavy load. Whether accelerating or driving uphill, your car’s engine might feel like running out of wind. This can be troubling while driving, so it’s good to err on the side of caution and get specialized Subaru repairs from a certified technician when you notice your vehicle sputtering.

Get Subaru repair services at Auburn Foreign & Domestic

Some Subaru models are prone to bad fuel pumps. Fortunately, Auburn Foreign & Domestic, located in Auburn, Washington, offers preventative maintenance for Subarus. Bring your car to Auburn Foreign & Domestic, and you’ll get excellent Subaru repair. Our service providers offer quality auto care in our well-maintained automotive service facility with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and repair equipment to make your Subaru drive like a dream.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic