Transmission on Trial – Auburn Foreign & Domestic

Transmission trouble can make you feel as if a major component of your vehicle is on trial for its life. After all, transmission performance is a life or death sentence for your travel plans. The transmission’s duties are to transfer power from the engine to your wheels and shift gears to control speed. If it neglects its responsibilities, you’re headed to the court of transmission repair. Even if this happens, however, don’t panic. The certified technicians at Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, will represent you, righting the wrong caused by your faulty transmission and getting you back on the road soon.

Transmission in Trouble

So exactly how do you know that your transmission is in trouble? Although it doesn’t show up in a courtroom in handcuffs, there are some “charges” that warn you of your transmission’s offenses. It’s best to recognize the observable signs early so that you can bring your vehicle to us for repair before you incur additional damage or face more expensive remedies. For example, one sign might be an illuminated check engine light. While this dashboard warning can mean a number of things, it could potentially be your first witness pointing to transmission trouble. If the check engine light comes on, let our professionals check it for you. We can diagnose and correct the problem regardless of its nature. New odd noises–including whining, humming, or clunking–may also cause you to suspect a transmission issue. Also, unusual sensations such as grinding or shaking as the auto changes gears may be caused by a transmission problem. If you notice a delay in movement when you press the accelerator, have us check the transmission. You may also sense that your car doesn’t want to change gears, or you may notice them slipping, a condition that occurs when the transmission moves between gears or goes into/out of gear on its own. Obviously, this can be very dangerous. In addition, you may find the clutch of a manual auto dragging, indicating that the clutch isn’t disengaging as it should. A burning odor may warn of overheating transmission fluid, and the sight of reddish fluid in a puddle underneath your car may point to a transmission leak.

The Verdict is In on Transmission Repair

Whatever your transmission is doing–or isn’t–the verdict is in on transmission repair. Our professionals at Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, are well prepared to bring justice to your offending transmission. Just look at all our honors and affiliations, votes of confidence from the jury pool of consumers and other automotive agencies. If your transmission is in trouble, end the trial by entering a plea to bring your car to us for reliable repair.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic