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The Honda is a great line of vehicles! It meets the needs and comforts of many drivers, so they’re happy with their purchases. Further, the average life expectancy of a Honda is at least eight years, perhaps more depending upon your driving habits and distances. Thus, we know that this manufacturer’s cars are fairly healthy as autos go. Even so, every brand has some noticeable commonly reported repairs. For those as well as your routine preventive maintenance services, rely on Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washginton, for all your vehicle repair needs. We look forward to keeping your Honda healthy and you happy!

The Most Commonly Reported Repairs

As fabulous as your Honda is, you know you’ll need a repair at some point. Here’s a heads-up on what you might encounter (as indicated by the most frequently reported problems). Some issues seem to be applicable to Hondas in general, regardless of the specific model. This includes the infamous Takata airbag that has plagued so many makes worldwide; safety system sensors that cause unnecessary brake engagement, radar affected by bright sunlight, and adaptive cruise controls that failed to adapt; and a crash sensor defect that impacts the control unit for airbags. Another problem in models with a 1.5 liter engine is oil dilution caused by insufficient burn-off of gas vapors. Other problems can be linked to certain models. For example, there are at least three often-seen ailments in the CR-V–an unwanted vibration (particularly when idling or traveling at low speed), a gasoline odor inside the passenger cabin (apparently caused by fuel in the oil pan and particularly noticeable in cold climates), and a tendency to overuse and drain the battery (specifically, the 4th and 5th generation models). The LED daytime running lamps on the 2016-2018 Accords seem to burn out quickly and are pricey to replace. Some Accord owners also report a greater number of transmission failures than expected. Finally, the Civic’s brakes appear to need a lot of attention.

Help for Your Honda

Even if you experience a premature problem with your Honda, it’s still a nice car that you’ll probably want to drive a long time. With a little preventive maintenance and repair, your auto should be on the road for years to come. Instead of worrying about the commonly reported problems, be glad it’s ultimately still a reliable mode of transportation. For those little hiccups along the way, bring your Honda to Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, for any mechanical repair it needs.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic