Is Your Transmission Malfunctioning?

Signs To Look For

Your transmission system plays an important role in the overall performance and driving experience of your vehicle. When properly functioning, you should be able to smoothly and confidently shift from one gear to another. But what happens when it starts to malfunction? Well, the best thing you can do is to understand the signs of failure and malfunction. Although you won’t be able to fix the problem, understanding it will help you prevent it from getting worse. If you’re wondering what to look for, Auburn Foreign & Domestic is here for you. Here are three signs of transmission failure that you should not ignore!

Warning Light

Many modern vehicles are now equipped with lights that specifically inform you of your transmission’s condition. The one that many people will be familiar with is the transmission temperature light, but the check engine light will also be triggered when your transmission experience problems. Regardless, it’s best to quickly visit a shop once you see this light. Unless the light is blinking (this signals an immediate emergency), these lights inform you something is wrong with your vehicle well before something bad happens. Being proactive will prevent the issue from getting worse and help you avoid an expensive repair bill!

Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is responsible for keeping the shifting of gears smooth and quick. Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid won’t be consumed or burned up. If you notice that there is a pinkish, tart smelling fluid on the floor, in your vehicle, or you notice the fluid level drop, then you are clearly dealing with a fluid leak. There are a number of reasons why this may happen, some of which include worn seals or a blown gasket. Regardless, this issue needs to be quickly handled as it can damage other components within your vehicle and can harm the environment!

Abnormal Movement

The transmission system was designed to be smooth and consistent. When shifting gears, your transmission should shift to the selected gear without a hitch. If when operating your vehicle, you notice a very rough shift or your vehicle feels like it isn’t accelerating, those are telltale signs of transmission failure. Those specific sensations are known as rough shifting and slipping, respectively. If you feel any of those symptoms, it’s important that you have your vehicle serviced immediately. Outside of the reduced driving experience, driving with these problems can also place you and your passengers in danger!

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic