How to Get the Most From Your Acura

Acura’s Reliability Still Requires A Well Planned Service Schedule

It’s smart to get everything that you can from your Acura. For example, regular maintenance keeps everyone safe, and the Acura runs for much longer. In the big picture, you could save many thousands of dollars by paying just a few hundred dollars for maintenance in Auburn.

Prevent Expensive Acura Repair Costs

Your Acura should get a tune-up once a year. Technicians examine the vehicle for potential issues with the brakes, engine, spark plugs, intake and output, air and fuel filters, and more.
Your Acura probably needs oil changes and tire rotations more frequently than once a year. On an everyday basis, keep your tires properly inflated and aligned. Check the tire pressure every few times you fuel up. Keep the undercarriage as clear as possible. Mud is a scourge that weighs the car down and slows it quite a bit. Similarly, try not to keep too many heavy things in the trunk.

Address any potential issues promptly. For example, if the wiper blades begin to slow down, replace them quickly before they get worse. Subpar wiper blades reduce visibility and increase the chances of an accident.

Drive Safely and Smartly

Good driving habits coax the most from your Acura. Keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Combine trips and errands where possible. This reduces vehicle wear and tear as well as the number of times the engine has to be started.
  • Do turn off the engine if you would otherwise be idling a long time.
  • Keep your windows up when you’re driving at high speeds. Otherwise, the drag makes your Acura have to work harder.
  • Press the gas and brake pedals gradually when possible instead of doing sudden, jerky presses.
  • Take advantage of cruise control. It boosts your gas mileage a great deal.

Limit or avoid excessively high speeds, winter warm-ups, and air conditioning. This isn’t to say you should sweat buckets on a hot day or never warm the car up in winter, but use the air conditioning and heat wisely. The idea is not to unnecessarily to strain your Acura.

At Auburn Foreign & Domestic, we perform Acura repair and maintenance. We do regular oil changes, engine light diagnostics, and transmission repairs that keep your car running smoothly. Please read about our Acura services and request an appointment today.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic