How the Transmission Works

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Curious about how the transmission works in your car? Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington has the answers! Here’s the difference between manual and automatic transmissions, how they work, and a few common repairs they might need over their lifetime.

Automatic Transmissions

It’s tough to get a grasp on how automatic transmissions work. With so many moving parts in the system, it’s hard to imagine or comprehend. There’s the bell housing, torque converter, planetary gear sets, flex plate, and so much more. That’s what makes their repair so costly when compared to other kinds of auto repair. All you need to know is that it’s complicated and you need a real professional to repair one.

All of these parts make the driving experience simpler. The driver doesn’t have to worry about changing gears or using a clutch. The automatic transmission does all the hard work for them. A system of gears makes effective use of the engine’s torque to have a controlled range of speed. Your automatic transmission is working from the moment you press the gas pedal to the moment your car comes to a stop, shifting through a series of gears to ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration.

Manual Transmissions

Manual transmissions do the same thing as automatic ones but operate differently. They require driver action to control the engine’s torque and apply it as variable speed. And with driver input comes human error. It’s not uncommon for manual transmissions to need more frequent repairs than automatic ones, since the driver may cause faster wear on the parts. You know it’s happening when you hear a painful grinding sound while changing gears. That’s often why drivers new to manual transmissions will likely need a clutch replacement at some point.

Drivers of manual transmission vehicles learn about the timing of ideal gear changes using the RPMs on their dashboard. When they accelerate and decelerate, they tell the transmission what to do to manage the torque appropriately.

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