Does Your Acura Have Transmission Issues?

Acura vehicles are generally known for their reliability, but it’s not rare to be an Acura owner who has transmission problems. You might only notice transmission problems upon startup or in cold weather. Some transmission issues are minor, but other problems may require a transmission replacement. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, our highly trained mechanics specialize in Acura repair services. Discover how to spot Acura transmission problems.

Delayed shifting

The transmission of your Acura controls the engine to the driveshaft. The difficulty you experience while shifting may signal a problem in the valve body in your Acura’s transmission. Alternatively, a common transmission issue in Acura vehicles occurs due to a defective solenoid that causes a lag while you shift. Aging solenoids can fail and cause erratic shifting. If you have low transmission fluid, that could be the culprit of your transmission problems since low transmission fluids cause delays in shifting. Ensure your Acura undergoes a routine maintenance schedule with a trusted mechanic to avoid costly Acura repair expenses.

Transmission jerking

While you drive your Acura, do you feel it jerking? It’s one of the most common transmission problems in Acura vehicles. Don’t ignore this warning sign if you feel the transmission jerking. It’s best to bring it to a local auto repair shop that offers Acura repair services. A service provider will be able to determine how to perform transmission repair.

Hesitation during acceleration or deceleration

Acura vehicles operate with throttle by wire system, controlling the rate of acceleration or deceleration via a sensor that is connected to the gas pedal. The sensor, your engine, and the transmission relay information to the throttle control computer. If one of these three parts sends the wrong information to the throttle control computer, your vehicle’s throttle will malfunction (causing unintended acceleration or deceleration). Your vehicle’s unpredictability may result in serious accidents. It’s crucial for you to visit a local auto repair shop if you notice that your Acura is hesitating while you accelerate or decelerate.

Get Acura repair services

If your Acura has transmission problems, visit Auburn Foreign & Domestic, located in Auburn, Washington, to get Acura repair services from a team of ASE-certified mechanics who specializes in Acura repair services. Schedule your Acura maintenance service today by calling (253)-204-3325, and our team will get your Acura working at peak performance.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic