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Audis are powerful, dependable, and highly safe cars to drive. However, these German luxury vehicles have their fair share of problems. Like any other car, Audis will eventually experience some wear and tear. In order to keep your Audi running at its best, you must stay on top of its preventative maintenance service schedule and take it to a qualified Audi repair mechanic at the first signs of trouble.

Fortunately for King County drivers, top-notch Audi repair is just a phone call away. Since 1968, the experienced technicians at Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, have been providing dependable auto repair services to local drivers.

Here are some of the most common Audi problems we see at our shop.

Top 5 Audi Problems

If you notice any of these issues, call Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, at (253) 833-8161 to book an Audi repair appointment.

  1. Oil leaks: This is by far the most common Audi problem our mechanics fix. A faulty valve cover gasket or camshaft tensioner can cause an oil leak.
  2. Electrical issues: Another problem we see with Audi vehicles is electrical issues. Many Audi drivers have reported failing tail lights, digital dashboard display failures, and more.
  3. Failing spark plugs: If your Audi’s spark plugs fail, you may notice engine misfires, reduced gas mileage, rough idling, hard stops, and poor acceleration.
  4. Bad catalytic converters: Audis can suffer from bad catalytic converters. These crucial components can fail due to carbon build-ups or clogs.
  5. Failing ignition coil: Lastly, your Audi can experience a failing ignition coil. This is because Audis tend to burn oil faster than other vehicles. To prevent this problem, have your oil changed regularly, and don’t drive your Audi if the oil is low.

Advanced Audi Repair Solutions

If your Audi has an oil leak, failing spark plugs, or a worn-out ignition coil, contact the Audi repair technicians at Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington. We stand behind our work with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty and are the area’s leading European car care experts. Contact our automotive repair shop today by calling (253) 833-8161. We are located at 725 Auburn Way N., Auburn, WA 98002. Our team of highly-trained professionals will take great care of you and your car. Contact Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, for all your European auto repairs and maintenance services. We hope to hear from you soon!

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic