Acura’s History as an Auto Innovator

Learn Your Acura’s Heritage!

Acura is an auto brand that has been around for ages, aged well, and continues to set new standards for the automotive industry. In safety and performance, their engineers strive to exceed industry standards and offer new and exciting vehicles to the customer. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic Auburn, WA, when we service Acura’s, we know the technology that sets them apart from other brands. Here are a few of our favorite tech flexes from Acura:

  • SH-AWD Torque Vectoring: A world-first when it appeared in the 2004 RL, the Super Handling All-Wheel drive introduced the term “torque vectoring” the automotive industry. It is now an Acura signature and can be found in the TLX current models. At its heart, each Acura is a performance vehicle!
  • At Your Fingertips: Acura was the first auto manufacturer to deliver in-dash navigation. A feature we now see and take for granted, having navigation at your fingertips was once unheard of! Then they added technology like real-time traffic and then in-dash weather. Starting in 1997 in the Acura RL, in-dash is now standard in every model and is sweeping the rest of the auto industry.
  • Multi-Valve Engines: In 1986, the Acura Integra and Legend debuted multi-valve technology that was the first example of a four-valve per cylinder engine. It spread to the rest of the Acura lineup, and now multi-valve engines are a standard, industry-wide!
  • Passengers in Mind: A fold-flat third row in a crossover vehicle was revolutionary in the 2000 Acura MDX. Crossovers, in general, were the answer to the gap between a full SUV and a smaller vehicle. Adding the third-row option as fold-flat, Acura created a model to cater to both passengers and cargo.
  • Safety for Safety’s Sake: Acura was the first brand to achieve a 5-star safety rating across its entire line of cars. They did this by striving for ideal safety measures and technology, not just aiming to pass government standards. Acura’s dedication to safety sets them apart from other brands.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic