6 Standard Auto Repairs

Will Your Car Need These Repairs?

Our cars are under constant strain. The tires take a beating from the road surface, our engines work hard to keep up with the daily demands, and our brakes take the heat from regular stop and go traffic. It’s no surprise that our cars need repairs to withstand a lifetime of wear and tear, but it can be hard to prepare for the exact services your car might need. Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington wants to share our commonly performed repairs to help you prepare for your vehicle’s lifetime of maintenance.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are one of the most frequent and repetitive services each car needs. Engines need clean motor oil to run their best, which means you need to get regular fluid service to keep the oil healthy. Consistent oil changes can keep other repair items off of your maintenance to-do list by protecting other engine components.

Wiper Blades

In the rainy Pacific Northwest, it’s not uncommon to see days of wet weather. That means your windshield wiper blades see a lot of use! Inevitably, they will wear out and need replacement. It’s a simple swap, but one that drivers in our area commonly have to look out for.

Filter Replacements

Want to avoid serious repairs? Take a moment to replace the air, fuel, and oil filters that keep your car running its best. Filtering out contaminants is a big job, one that no filter can handle forever. Dirty filters clog up and can’t effectively protect the vehicle. Be sure to change filters according to manufacturer recommendations.

New Tires

It’s not a secret that the tires undergo a lot of wear and tear. Although they are engineered to take a beating from rough road surfaces and last through all kinds of seasons, they certainly won’t last forever. Drivers in Auburn, Washington should prepare for tire replacement to ensure their car always has optimal traction in all types of weather.

Battery Replacement

Another common reason drivers visit our shop is for a dead battery. Batteries might experience an early death if the vehicle’s headlights are accidentally left on without running the engine. Although they are recharged through the alternator, sometimes there isn’t enough juice to get things going.

Brake Service

Next to the tires, the brakes take a huge amount of stress from constant use. Each time you press the brake pedal, friction generates heat in the braking system, and all of that energy wears at the components. Replacing brake pads is a priority on the maintenance list.

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Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic