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If you enjoy cars and care about people, there is a great career in auto repair for you. The idea that a job in the automotive industry is just about wrenches and grease is outdated and incorrect. First, there are many employees who never touch a vehicle because the field is so diverse. Second, those who do perform services and repairs today are highly skilled and possess a lot of technical know-how. The fact is that the need for transportation in a global society is steadily increasing, so a decision to enter an automotive career niche is probably a choice for good wages and job security. It’s also a choice for workplace happiness. Surveys show that more than half of Americans are unhappy with their jobs. Who needs that? If you like cars and enjoy helping others, stop by Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, to see what we do and ask about how you might someday join our team.

Nearly as Many Career Options as Makes of Cars

When you stop to count vehicle manufacturers, there are a shocking number of makes available. What might also surprise you is that there are nearly that many options in automotive repair careers. Whether you choose a service and repair shop (independently owned or part of a franchise), a dealership, or a collision repair/body shop, you can find employment in the repair sector. Better yet, each of these places has a variety of specific positions. Perhaps you’d like to be an automotive technician (mechanic), a service writer, a collision repair technician, a service department manager, or something else. Maybe you will even choose to specialize within these options. For instance, you may perform a wide range of routine maintenance services and repairs as a general technician, or you may focus on a specific segment of repairs such as brakes, air conditioners, or transmissions. You can narrow your specialization to painting, or you can focus on all types of body work. If you want hands-on work, something in the field is sure to appeal to you. Should you prefer a different path, you can also find opportunities with auto related businesses, including auto parts stores, insurance companies, educational agencies, and parts manufacturers/distributors. As an added bonus, you’ll feel good knowing you’re providing valuable services within your community.

Education and Training

Not quite ready yet? No worries. There are many ways to prepare yourself for your automotive repair dream job. Depending upon the segment of the market you choose, your education may range from on-the-job training to an engineering degree, but you’ll likely need some kind of formal learning. A common requirement is the combination of education, experience, and testing that leads to ASE certification in one or more of the eight individual certification areas–Engine Repair, Automatic Trans/Transaxle, Manual Drivetrain and Axles, Suspension and Steering, Brakes, Electrical/Electrical Systems, Heating & Air Conditioning, and Engine Performance. The acquisition of all eight qualifies you for ASE Master Technician certification. There are, however other certifications available, including specializations within gasoline and diesel engine repair, collision repair, and heavy-duty vehicle repair. Most community colleges also offer certificates and an Associate’s Degree, too. Further, most technicians take advantage of continuing education opportunities, and ASE Master status must be renewed every five years. So think it over, and stop by. Maybe you’ll be joining Auburn Foreign & Domestic sooner than you think.

Written by Auburn Foreign & Domestic