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If you enjoy cars and care about people, there is a great career in auto repair for you. The idea that a job in the automotive industry is just about wrenches and grease is outdated and incorrect. First, there are many employees who never touch a vehicle because the field is so diverse. Second, those

5 Indicators an Oil Change is Needed

Follow the Signs Do you live in the Auburn, Washington area? Do you need an oil change? The crew at Auburn Foreign & Domestic would be happy to help you out. However, how do you know if it is time for your oil to be changed? Most experts recommend changing your oil at least every

How to Get the Most From Your Acura

Acura’s Reliability Still Requires A Well Planned Service Schedule It’s smart to get everything that you can from your Acura. For example, regular maintenance keeps everyone safe, and the Acura runs for much longer. In the big picture, you could save many thousands of dollars by paying just a few hundred dollars for maintenance in

Why Subarus Are Well Trusted

The Story Behind Americas Most TrustedBrand Consumers generally recognize Subaru as one of the most dependable names in the auto industry. But why is this? What makes Subaru vehicles so desirable and Subaru repair rates so low? Here are a few of the top reasons Subarus have earned their well-deserved, highly trusted reputation. EyeSight Technology

Choosing the Right Motor Oil For Your Car

Types of Oil When is the last time your vehicle had an oil change? You should be doing it at least a few times a year (more if you drive a lot more than average), but many people tend to skip over changing the oil for too long. This is bad for your car! To