How Often Do You Need to Change Your Motor Oil?

Are you unsure about how often you should get an oil change? Our certified technicians at Auburn Foreign & Domestic in Auburn, Washington, are here to help! Although many mechanics recommend a general time frame, it depends on your car make and model and your driving habits. Below, we’ll explain how often you need fresh

Acura’s History as an Auto Innovator

Learn Your Acura’s Heritage! Acura is an auto brand that has been around for ages, aged well, and continues to set new standards for the automotive industry. In safety and performance, their engineers strive to exceed industry standards and offer new and exciting vehicles to the customer. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic Auburn, WA, when

Your exhaust smoke is telling you what’s wrong!

Engine Health: What color is your exhaust? If your vehicle is producing a significant amount of smoke, you should be concerned. We’re all used to the normal amount of condensation on a cold morning. Still, anything that doesn’t dissipate after a few minutes deserves the attention of a factory-trained technician. At Auburn Foreign & Domestic

Best Practices to Increase Your MPG

Fuel Efficiency: Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference Fuel efficiency is becoming a major driving force in the auto industry. For both the monetary savings and the reduction in environmental impact, everyone is trying to use less fuel. Short of simply driving less, everyone wants to find ways to save. Our technicians put together

Learn the Basics of Continuously Variable Transmission

What sets your CVT apart from classic transmission? Not all vehicles are created equal. You can see it in the way a Porsche jumps off the line when the light turns green. Clearly, those vehicles are tuned for speed and performance! If you’ve ridden in a Cadillac, you know that they tune their suspension for